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Construction & Maintenance

Trails Unlimted personnel at work in Hungry Valley's California State Vehicle Recreation Area.Trails Unlimited can provide mechanized trail construction services for the non-motorized and motorized trail manager. We know there are many primitive-skills trail organizations and groups who can fill the needs of Designated Wilderness, Primitive and very narrow 24” or less trail needs. What Trails Unlimited strives to meet are the needs of OTHER trails which can be constructed and maintained with mechanized equipment. We have access to the latest mechanized trail tools such as: SWECO trail machine, Mini excavators, Drags/rock rakes, Hydraulic breakers & drivers, Pneumatic cutters, saws & loppers. The mechanized equipment has allowed Trails Unlimited to improve on retaining wall installations, drainage structures and hardened turns (Switchbacks & climbing turns).

New Construction & Restoration

The efficiency can be seen in New Construction and Restoration. In optimum conditions and the correct equipment 2 miles in a day is possible. Trails Unlimited (TU) can construct trails ranging from 2 foot to 8 foot wide tread. TU can work in slopes as great as 125% or more in all types of terrain from Sandy to Rocky soils and little vegetation to heavy timber and brush. All new trails have drainage built into its design for future sustainability and ease of maintenance. TU can also install all forms of drainage devices such as rolling dips, overside drains, ditch & elevate, and underside drains. TU also provides several types of hardening techniques such as turf block, geo-trak, gravel/ rock base, soilcrete, natural pave XL, concrete and asphalt. When needing to cross streams we can provide arched culverts, turf support block, timber stringer, steel, aluminum and fiberglass truss bridges (FRP) up to 125 feet.

Construction cost vary so widely it is impossible to provide accurate cost estimates here. But the range of cost per mile have been from $2,500 to $12,000 per mile for new construction.

Trails Unlimited has provided maintenance at a range of $2,500 to $6,000 per mile, higher costs per mile for very heavy maintenance where structures (retaining walls & drains) were involved.

Along with providing Construction and Maintenance services, Trails Unlimited also offers the unique opportunity to teach and train the local agency personnel in trail and structure construction and/or maintenance techniques while completing the budgeted project. In this manner, we are able to capture the proverbial "two birds with one stone"


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