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The US Department of Agriculture Reinvention Program has authorized the Enterprising of a Trails Training Program through Trails Unlimited. Cam Lockwood (proprietor) has been planning, designing, constructing and managing all types of trails and trail systems for the past 26+ years. Cam is considered one of the "Old Ones" - he and his team of retired and current trail experts have decades of experience in "On the Ground" problem solving of difficult trail design, construction, maintenance and reconstruction situations.

Cam LockwoodCam Lockwood is a founding member of the National Trail Training Partnership (NTTP), a Master Performer for trails and a member of the US Forest Service National Core Team for Trails. Trails Unlimited Team members have helped write the National Trail Contract, Standards and Drawings. They have also helped with the production of several trail program videos and "Tech Tips" Technical Papers.

Trails Unlimited has developed a series of Training Modules with detailed manuals, exercises and field applications (see Training Serivces), and has team members and equipment ready to provide new trail construction, maintenance or reconstruction services.

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