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Timber and Stewardship Appraisal, Cruising, and Layout

TEAMS Field Staff can help you meet your targets by providing one specialist or an entire team to prepare and administer your timber sale.

Timber Sale Preparation

  • CSE inventories; botanical, avian, and hydrologic surveys
  • Timber appraisal and contract preparation
  • Logging systems consulting
  • Check cruise services
  • GPS and GIS services

Timber Sale Administration

  • Forest Service Representatives, Timber Sale Administration, and Harvest Inspection

Timber Information Management (TIM) and Timber Sale Contract Execution

Several deer graze in a park-like forest setting.

Based on your needs, we can provide assistance in contract preparation using the Timber Information Manager (TIM), provide sale advertisement, and complete the award of the sale. TEAMS can also provide Timber Sale Accounting (TSA) assistance, assuring that the entire timber sale financial process is properly completed. Verification of purchaser payments, calculations of volume charges and contract requirements are also available. We can provide required reports on-site or virtually. You will no longer need to spend valuable field time in the office compiling these necessary reports.

  • Maintain a TIM project number log
  • Complete timber sale contract
  • Assist with TIM problems and questions
  • Keep forest timber sale contract provisions current
  • Troubleshoot TIM system problems
  • Add and remove TIM users as needed
  • Review timber sale contract prior to advertisement
  • Schedule bid opening
  • Complete Gate 4-5-6
  • Process bills generated from TIM
  • Complete award letter and submit to contracting officer for approval
  • Send package to apparent high bidder

Sales Tracking and Reporting System (STARS)

  • Complete the Timber Sale Documentation Extract (TSDE) from TIM to STARS
  • Manual input to STARS when necessary
  • Update with forest product permit volumes
  • Request Forest Periodic Timber Sale Accomplishment Reports
  • Verify contract scaling account deposits to ensure adequate coverage for your sale
  • Verify collections paid into FFIS
  • Monitor CWFS collection accounts for road maintenance and/or surface replacement

Our Satisfied Customers Say..

“…[TEAMS resource specialist] has an uncanny ability to research data, find the problems and resolve the issue. you can expect [a job] will get completed, not only in a timely manner but also of a very high quality.” Laurie Beck, Budget Officer, Plumas National Forest

“…[the resource specialist possesses] competence in Timber Sale Contract Appraisal, and TSSA related matters is exemplified by being selected by the R5 Regional Office as a lead instructor for TIM implementation throughout the region. Over a two year period, [the TEAMS resource specialist] has instructed the entire R5 workforce…” Phillip J. Sitze, Forest Timber Specialist, Lassen National Forest

“TEAMS has worked with the Plumas National Forest for a number of years…They are easy people to work with and provide the flexibility we often need to adjust as our program changes.” Gary R. Deboi, Vegetation Management Officer, Plumas National Forest

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