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TEAMS Writing and Editing Services

Our Mission: TEAMS writer-editors deliver documents that adhere to professional standards of writing, editing, and publication, in compliance with Federal publication guidelines, regulations, and legal requirements.

What does it mean to “edit a document”?

Important Information about Editing Services

TEAMS editors provide writing and editing services for a variety of document types. Although much of our work is for Forest Service NEPA compliance documents, we also provide services for management plans, ecological assessments, correspondence, reports, newsletters, notes, and briefings. Many people do not have a clear concept of what editing a publication or document entails and how much time it can take. The purpose of this document is to clarify the types of editing services we provide, and what our clients and team members can expect.

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Editing can be minor or very extensive, depending on your needs.

  • Content editing – We read every word and sentence for ease of understanding and proper grammar. We also consider the overall organization of written elements, as well as relationships among paragraphs. We rewrite poorly constructed text, striving for accuracy, readability, consistency of style, and use of plain language.

  • Proofing – We review a document prior to final publication, looking for typos and errors in punctuation and spelling, adjusting formatting and styles, cross-checking references and table or figure numbers, finalizing page numbering and the table of contents, and ensuring your product is 100% ready.

  • Writing – We write the text of a document from rough draft information you supply. Writing requires that you work closely with us and provide detailed information to ensure the content reflects what you want to convey.

Compiling - We take the text or content you provide and compile a properly styled and referenced document. If the text is unformatted when we receive it, we format it properly when we place it in the document. We also create such elements as a table of contents, references, index, and appendices. Inserting and adjusting graphics and maps are often part of compiling as well.

Formatting - Using Microsoft Word, we ensure document components such as headings, body text, captions, headers and footers, and other items are “tagged” and labeled with appropriate styles and formatting and have a consistent and professional look. We can provide templates with preset styles that meet Government Printing Office (GPO) and section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requirements, or use templates you provide. We can also convert your finished product to an Adobe pdf file format that is ready to be distributed electronically.

Our Writing Team

judy york kristin whisennand photo maple taylor photo pat goude photo
Judy York
Sandpoint, ID
(Lead for Editing Group)
208-265-6665 (office)
559-920-6580 (cell)
(pacific time)
Kristin Whisennand
Huson, MT
406-241-3712 (office)
559-920-6596 (cell)
(mountain time)
Maple Taylor
Ouray, CO
707-980-8060 (cell)
(mountain time)
Pat Goude
Eagle, ID
208-939-9962 (office)
559-920-7688 (cell)
(mountain time)

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