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Stewardship Contracting

Stewardship contracts are intended to accomplish resource management with a focus on restoration. Proceeds from the sale of forest products or vegetation are applied to one or more local stewardship projects without further appropriation. You can trade goods (forest products) for services (thinning, restoration). Stewardship contracts are awarded based on past performance, work quality, experience, and benefits to the local community through the “Best Value” method. You can work with multi-year contracts for up to 10 years.

Project Planning, Design & Collaboration

TEAMS professional and technical specialists will help you develop the stewardship project proposal and reach out to engage stakeholders throughout the process.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Other Regulations

TEAMS provides single resource specialists to help fill out your interdisciplinary team or we can provide an entire team to analyze your proposed project and successfully meet laws and regulation important to protecting the environment.


Our Field Operations staff will layout your treatment units; cruise the timber; conduct biology and heritage surveys; and design engineering projects.

Contract Preparation and Administration

TEAMS stewardship services include contract administration including the contracting officer, CORs and inspectors; development of the government estimate; product value determination; and contract preparation and award. We provide training on all aspects of stewardship projects.

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