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Does your NEPA cumulative effects analysis have a comprehensive harvest history GIS layer showing past, present, and future harvests on all land ownership for analysis?

Because National Forestís Forest Activity Computerized Tracking System (FACTS) layer often displays only about 15 years of harvest the analysis is rarely accurate or adequate without harvest history information such as adjacent land ownership.

TEAMS Enterprise can help you with a more accurate cumulative watershed effects analysis for the entire project watershed. We have developed a methodology in GIS and remote sensing to create a harvest history layer displaying past, present, and future harvests by integrating the FACTS layers, private harvests through a series of sources, older harvests from other regional GIS datasets, and remote sensing using NAIP imagery from a Forest Service certified silviculturist.

TEAMS GIS staff can provide:

  • A file geodatabase (GDB) in GIS displaying the spatial boundaries of all harvests, removing gaps and overlaps so there is no double counting of acreage

  • A spreadsheet with harvest history depicting year of harvest, prescription, and any FACTS data

  • A Forest Service certified silviculturist review of the data

Once created, our comprehensive harvest history layer can be used again and again to update other GIS layers such as wildlife habitat models to show true existing condition instead of the conditions at the time those layers were created.

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