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Field Operations

How can TEAMS Field Operations add value to your resource program?

  • Our staff includes qualified Forest Service representatives, contracting officer representatives, timber sale administrators, and harvest inspectors.

  • We offer full-service green, salvage and biomass timber sales preparation.

  • We perform timber sale appraisals and contract preparation services.

  • Our timber management staff offers quality assurance and audits, check cruise services, logging plans and systems consultation.

  • We perform timber theft and land exchange cruises and appraisals.

  • We use CSE, FIA, SILVAH, and NED databases to compile accurate and complete vegetation and fuels inventories.

  • Our archaeological staff offers NEPA analyses, interdisciplinary team members, GIS and GPS archaeological surveys, site testing, evaluations, and reports.
  • Our heritage resource management services include project design, layout, and implementation.

  • Our cultural resources services include management plans and corporate database input (INFRA/IWEB)
  • Our botanists survey for threatened, endangered, sensitive plants, and invasive species. They are also experienced in Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) TESP/INSP/EO data input.

  • We perform mid-scale vegetation surveys and stand delineation services.

  • Our range technicians specialize in long-term and annual monitoring for condition, trend, and compliance.

  • Our soil and watershed services include conducting best management practices, stream, and WINI surveys.

  • We have skilled GPS and inventory specialists. We will help you meet travel management compliance, improve or decommission high-resource risk roads or trails, or create a corporate trail database.

  • Our wildlife biologists are experts in threatened, endangered, and sensitive species surveys and NRIS data management.

Why Use TEAMS?

We guarantee our work 100 percent! TEAMS provides you with a means to complete your projects without hiring additional staff or incurring training or administrative expenses. Our employees know Forest Service policies, regulations, and guidelines. Our timber cruisers are certified in most Forest Service regions. Because we focus on timely project completion, quality products and services, and immediate response to catastrophic events, we are ready and able to help you in meet your needs.

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