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TEAMS Our People Make the Difference

Agility with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

We individually and collectively harness our Entrepreneurial spirits to accomplish work for our clients, foster good relationships with each other, and the help meet the Forest Service mission. TEAMS Entrepreneurs emulate agility, innovation, and motivated!

Do you have an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

In many ways, working with TEAMS employees could be the most satisfying and rewarding experience of your career. Your individual experience is primarily up to you. While working for TEAMS it's important to know you are responsible to accomplish work independently and innovatively. We have high expectations of ourselves as individuals, at the same time we often work inter-dependently with each other to accomplish team work.

TEAMS founders Bill Hay and Merl Sturgeon
TEAMS Founding Entrepreneurs Bill Hay and Merl Sturgeon.

How can I work for TEAMS?

We get a number of inquiries regarding jobs, to best serve your interest, use the following sites for the most current information about job opportunities with TEAMS.

If you are interested in applying for a position with TEAMS, and do not work for the Forest Service check for our postings at

If you are interested in applying for a position with TEAMS, and do work for The Forest Service, be sure to check for our postings at FS Outreach.

Being part of TEAMS Means Our Employees are Innovative and Adaptable!

We are a select group of top-quality Forest Service professionals, who enjoy working and living in many unique and independent and virtually based work environment across the nation.

TEAMS Enterprise capitalizes on its employees virtuosity to provide high quality services and availability to natural resource professionals who need a little extra help.

When we are asked to provide a service, we assess our resources and quickly match our clients with the nearest employee(s) that best meets the required skills. With this kind of agility and flexibility, we pride ourselves in meeting our client's needs in a time frame they can appreciate.

Writer-Editors at a meetingHave Laptop, Will Travel

Because of the nature of our work, many of TEAMS employees are on the move and enjoy a variety of challenging assignments across the U.S. One of the most rewarding parts of being a part of TEAMS is the privilege of working with other natural resource professionals in a variety of natural resource settings.

Working for TEAMS gives you a refreshing big perspective of not only how National Forests all across the nation manage their resources, but how other Federal agencies work as well. We also seemlessly integrate our expertise to meet the needs of other federal agencies, military, and state government.

We are Telecommuting Pioneers

We have always been a virtual organization with many employees telecommuting from offices close to where they live or from home offices. Our free-flowing workplace philosophy saves time and money for the Agency and its employees.

Whenever possible, we look at ways to replace travel and commuting with the latest technology. We are doing our part to meet Agency's travel guidelines, by consistently examining better ways to accomplish our goals with technology such as video teleconferencing, online meetings, and coordinating our necessary travel to maximize the benefits.

The virtual office setting allows our employees to have independence and flexibility to integrate work life and personal lifestyle with career aspirations.

business staff togetherWorking Separately yet Working Together, How does that Work?

Even though TEAMS employees are spread out all over the country, we are sensitive to the importance of camaraderie and a team work. While each person is independently responsible for managing and executing their work, we tune in to the needs of our co-worker to be sure we are supporting each other. With TEAMS, there’s always something to learn or to share, so we are always looking for ways to maintain relationships and build community within our unique virtual organization.

We are serious about our quest for the greatest good for the land we manage to meet the Forest Service mission.

Job Enthusiasm

We are Forest Service employees, but how we work can be a different experience. We are all working toward a common goal for the Agency, but also as an independent business model we must do our part to sustain ourselves.

By incorporating the best of the traditional Forest Service culture with a 21st century business perspective, TEAMS offers a unique work experience to its Forest Service employees. We foster enthusiasm by providing rewarding and challenging work with the acknowledgement of a job well done.

Skokomish River Project, Brian Bair featured

Our Clients are Our Future

Our clients demand a high level of professionalism, and TEAMS continually strives to exceed those expectations. Like any other business, our clients pay our wages. That’s high incentive to go the extra mile.

Although we mostly live and work far apart from each other, it helps to build rapport and friendships amongst coworkers. Much of our work and social interaction is by computer and through a lot of telephone conversation. Because working independently is not for everyone, be sure to talk to enterprisers to understand more about this unique experience.

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