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Award for Sage Grouse Project

TEAMS Wildlife Biologist Katherine Malengo (project lead), Bruce Davidson, Kat Carsey (retired), Doug Middlebrook and Janet Moser from the Botany, Wildlife and Range group were recognized by the Intermountain Region (R4) for exemplary work on the Greater Sage-Grouse Project. They each received a substantial and well deserved cash award. “On behalf of myself and Region 4, we would like to recognize Katherine Malengo, Bruce Davidson, Kat Carsey, Doug Middlebrook and Janet Moser for exemplary work on the Greater Sage-Grouse Land Use Plan Amendment project as part of the Wildlife Biology/Botany team. Your work as a team member working on the six EISs and writing of the Wildlife and Botany Specialist Reports, Biological Evaluations and Biological Assessments were critical to the overall success of the project. This was a significant undertaking because of the scope of the project, significance of the decision, ever changing nature of the project and amount of time required. I especially appreciated your positive attitude and team approach. You were a pleasure to work with and a great asset to your work unit and to the Forest Service. The completion of the project could not have happened without your work. Thank you.” -- Chris Colt, R4 Wildlife Biologist


Maple Taylor receives accolades for his writing-editing skills

Maple Taylor, TEAMS Writer-Editor".... wanted to say- I was awestruck at your skills as a writer editor- feel glad I had a chance to see you work on the ME Report- Thanks loads..." --Inventory & Monitoring Coordinator, Tongass NF"Thanks for all the time and effort you put into reviewing and editing the module (and the script!).  It is such a helpful process for me to have someone else pick through all the little details that I lose when thinking about the overall project. Thanks to the thoroughness and speed of your edits, I'm on time (hopefully!) to produce the module online by the end of January. Thanks so much!  You rock!"  --Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science


TEAMS gets stamp of approval from Fish and Wildlife Service

Doug Middlebrook of TEAMS Enterprise

In the wildlife world, it's a big deal that the FWS used their “stamp” for concurrence – the [Biological Assessment] BA was that good, and as Randy Ghormley wrote us, he has never seen this before and only a few BA’s a year receive this stamp.

"I extend my thanks to TEAMS biologist Doug Middlebrook for a job well-done and for the project leads for providing the specific information needed in a Proposed Action to complete the analysis and make a determination.  As far as Section 7 responsibilities go, the decision may be signed at any time." --Randy Ghormley, Rio Grande National Forest


Julie Knutson, TEAMS Environmental Coordinator, completed a 120-day detail as Regional Planner

Julie Knutson, TEAMS Environmental Coordinator

“…she quickly, assertively, and effectively shared her substantial NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act] knowledge to help the IDT [interdisciplinary team] and Forest Supervisors understand changes needed [to the forest plan revision]. In the following months she worked directly with the team, team leader, and two Forest Supervisors, making substantial improvements on chapter I & II of the DEIS [draft environmental impact statement]. In many cases directly resolving differences that had been discussed on the document for months. Her leadership, patience, knowledge, and perseverance on this [plan revision] effort were exemplary. Julie’s respected and affectionate nickname here in our Resource Planning and Monitoring group, is “the closer”.  She earned this title for her highly productive work. Forest Service Region 6 Planning Staff--October 2013

Blackfoot-North Divide Winter Travel EA is done!

Bart Lander, TEAMS  Enterprise Environmental Coordinator


Thanks to you Bart, and to your TEAMS team. Your focused effort got us farther in the two months you were on it than we could get it in the previous two years of diffused efforts. Mandy Alvino, Helena Ranger District Range Specialist--September 2013

Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision

Shirley FrankI would like to let you know how much I appreciate the work that Shirley [Frank] did for the Creeks II Forest Restoration Project.  She was able to take a lot of different personalities and keep them working in the same direction, reminding us we were moving toward a common goal; and, Shirley helped us put together a solid analysis for the project.  Her professional demeanor got us through a lot of sticking points, and she was able to do all that without our ever even having been able to meet her personally.  She certainly helped me advance my knowledge of team leadership and applying the NEPA process to a large-scale project.  And, she has encouraged me to apply what I learn and to help others along the way as well.
I would recommend Shirley to anyone who asks, and certainly hope that I will be able to work with her in the future. Blair A. Halbrooks, (Detail) NEPA Coordinator, Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision Team

GIS wizard Vickey Eubank

Vickey Eubank

“I wanted to express appreciation for all the GIS work and analysis that Vickey Eubank completed for the Lands LWCF benefits project, via TEAMS work order. Vickey was extremely responsive and seemed to be able to complete GIS tasks in substantially shorter times than what we were quoted by other GIS specialists. And Vickey was also very flexible in trying to respond to fast turnarounds and working with us to figure out what it was we were really trying to do.” Chris Miller, Washington Office Ecosystems Coordinator

Social economics dynamic-duo

Henry EichmanDelilah JaworskiHenry Eichman and Delilah Jaworski for.. "outstanding contributions to the implementation, support and improvement of the Economic Profile System-Human Dimensions Toolkit and associated products for National Forest System planning. Thank you!" - Patrick Reed, National Human Dimensions Program Social Scientist

TEAMS writer-editors blast through 1,900 pages

TEAMS editors Pat Goude, Maple Taylor, and Judy York worked together in December, January and March, 2012 to pull together a massive Draft EIS for the BLM’s National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. The document consisted of five volumes and about 1,900 pages of physical, biological and social science relating to future oil and gas exploration and development. Even though there was no time to really read and edit the document thoroughly, the editors were able to strip the document of about 150 different acronyms to improve readability. Everything from Bbbl (billions of barrels) to TCH (Teshekpuk Caribou Herd) to VSMs (vertical support members). Said the BLM’s Alaska editor, “You have done an incredible job and amount of work on this, and do believe there is nothing I can see that would greatly impact the content that needs to be fixed.”

...the [Biological Assessment] was in excellent condition and [our partner] felt he could move forward and begin preparation of the Biological Opinion over the next few weeks. He really did provide big kudos on the information provided and asked if he could use it as an example to others submitting BAs, because of the completeness of the information... Ty Matthews, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, August 2011

Healthy forest, satisified client

K'Lynne Weldon and Bob Emly discussing the contracts for Spring Mountain Project

Wow! A huge project finally winding down. It is great that you are getting good responses from the mountain residents. I personally think that upper Kyle and Lee look great. You [K'Lynne Weldon] and Bob [Emley] have become part of the NRA--it won't seem normal to have you both around the office. You will be missed. Humbolt-Toiyabe Deputy Forest Supervisor, Stephanie Phillips, October 2010

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