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Dan Golub, Biological ScientistDan Golub

Biological Scientist


  • Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies, Rollins College

  • Masters of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida


Dan began his forestry career as a research technician on a carbon flux tower site in Gainesville, FL where fluxes of carbon, water, and energy are measured as they move through the system. After almost year on that project, he moved to Corvallis, OR for another year where he was a technician on a similar project. In July of 2000, Dan was hired as a Biological Scientist on yet another carbon flux monitoring tower, this time located in Baltimore, MD. His next project was conducting a carbon inventory in Fairmount Park, an urban park in Philadelphia.

From there he conducted a greenhouse gas inventory of the Kane Experimental Forest in northwestern Pennsylvania. Soon after that project, Dan became involved with the Greater Yellowstone Greenhouse Gas Inventory effort that was the agency’s first comprehensive inventory conducted under the Climate Leaders partnership with the EPA. 

In the fall of 2009, Dan was hired as the TEAMS Enterprise Unit’s Sustainable Operations Metrics lead.  The team is responsible for determining what data to use to measure and report progress in attaining the goals described in the new executive order as well as older EOs, USDA directives, and other Federal policies such as the EPAct 2005 and EISA 2007.

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