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Today's TEAMS Enterprise Unit is about Talent, Expertise, Agility, Mobility, and Simplicity


TEAMS Mission

TEAMS Enterprise provides convenient and cost effective environmental planning, field services,and policy development through an exemplary workforce of dedicated, creative, and experienced natural resource specialists.

Who We Are, What We Offer

With more than 150 multi-talented employees are ready to help you accomplish your land management objectives and goals. No project is too large or too small. We can provide an entire team or one specialist with short notice.

We are skilled in National Environmental Policy Act and National Forest Management Act. We have a wide array of natural resource specialists who are trained in project management and planning that can help lead to your project's success.

Our journey-level professional and technical experts will efficiently and effectively supplement your staff and workforce needs.

Our full complement of field operations staff such as biologists to perform surveys, foresters and timber crews, and contract administrators are ready to work with you.

We have worked across Federal and State agencies, adapting our experience to meld with each agency's unique regulations and culture.

We are experienced in working in a range of landscapes, and we are located around the U.S. Our flexibility and mobility has been indispensable to land managers across the nation. Our staff and crews are mobile and travel to where we are needed and for as long as we are needed.

We also understand that sometimes travel is not an option. We are well-versed in telecommuting and most of us work in a virtual environment every day.

Working with TEAMS is as easy as contacting us by phone or email for a complimentary estimate, developing a statement of work, agreeing on the work, and signing a work order to finalize our partnership.

TEAMS Enterprise Unit has been serving natural resource clients for more than a decade.

Follow this link to contact us for a complimentary estimate!

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TEAMS Safety Record

TEAMS has enjoyed an exemplary safety record for the past two fiscal years. This is due in large part to the commitment of management and employees to make Safety First a priority.

TEAMS employs 150-200 employees throughout each fiscal year. As you may notice, we show no days lost due to injury for two years running!

We feel proud and fortunate that we have had a couple of truly stellar years following the implementation of the Safety Journey.

Totals for FYs

FY 2013

FY 2014




Lost Days



Restricted Days



OSHA Recordable




TEAMS Employees Receive Region 4 Award for Sage Grouse Project

Recently TEAMS Wildlife Biologist Katherine Malengo (project lead), Bruce Davidson, Kat Carsey (retired), Doug Middlebrook and Janet Moser from the Botany, Wildlife and Range group were recognized by the Intermountain Region (R4) for exemplary work on the Greater Sage-Grouse Project. Read more

TEAMS Employees Awarded for Work in Region 4

Congratulations to TEAMs employees Jan Spencer, Kristen Whisennand, IDT members on the Upper North Fork Project.  This project is being recognized as a 2015 Regional Forester’s Award for Sustaining Forests and Grasslands!  The award will be given during the Regional Leadership Team meeting in Ogden, Utah on October 7, 2015. 

Following several years of local collaborative work, the Salmon‐Challis National Forest and the Lemhi County Forest Restoration Group are pleased to announce that the Final Record of Decision for the Upper North Fork Healthy Forest Restoration Act (HFRA) Ecosystem Restoration Project has been signed by the U.S. Forest Service’s Intermountain Regional Forester, Nora Rasure. “This is a wonderful success for the Forest and our collaborative partners,” said Chuck Mark, Salmon‐Challis National Forest Supervisor. “We have been working very closely with our partners over the past 6 years to develop a proposal to reduce hazardous fuels, restore plant communities and improve fish and wildlife habitat and I’m thrilled to be moving forward in a collaborative fashion,” he said. Read more

Sequoia National Forest Green Team Include TEAMS Employee Nancy Kelly

Nancy Kelly, Wildlife Biologist for TEAMS Enterprise, has always been conservation minded, and work hard to do her part to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle:

Before Sustainable Operations became a program, Nancy worked with Lisa Whitcomb of the Enterprise Technical Services on Environmental Management Services (Sustainable Operations) to help forests reduce their footprint. Little did they know at that time, the Forest Service was about to form a national sustainable operations team.

One of the forests Nancy worked with was the Sequoia where she helped develop its baseline document. When the Sequoia developed a Green Team late last year, the team asked if Nancy would join. TEAMS had not yet developed a Green Team, so she chose to participate as she could from her home office.

One of the activities Nancy assisted with was a three-week survey to see what individuals were doing to meet the targets of the Mt. Whitney Green Challenge. Recycling, energy saving, teleworking, etc.

It's no surprise that Nancy became one of the top participants in the green challenge this year. Congratulations Nancy!

Here are the results from that survey...

TEAMS Fuels Reduction in the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area

Spring Mountain NRA

The Spring Mountains fuels reductions project You Tube video is now available for all to see at:

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