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Planting Quality—Inspection Plots

[photo] inspector watching a worker take measurements on a hill slopeA formal plot inspection checks for contract compliance, which includes:

  • Proper planting depth
  • Firming or tamping the soil after planting
  • Roots that are extended downward properly
  • Trees that are “center-hole” planted (not slit planted)
  • Proper scalping
  • Shade and protection for the seedling
  • The proper number of trees

The USDA Forest Service will check representative sample plots to determine planting quality. The contractor may check additional plots for quality assurance. This section deals with the procedure of checking plots, regardless of who does so.

In contracts, the government's and the contractor’s method for checking plots must be identical, although the intensity of sampling may differ and plot locations will differ. Any such deviations must not affect the inspection results. Plot size does affect quality results. It is important that the size of plots is consistent within a unit and that all plots are inspected to determine quality.

The following sections describe the inspection process:

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