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Helping Governments Share Sustainability Ideas

Case histories of Government sustainability projects, sustainability blogs, directories of sustainable products, and other information about sustainability are available at the Center for Environmental Innovation and Leadership (CEIL)'s Web site (figure 1), <>

Screenshot of CEIL website
Figure 1— The Center for Environmental
Innovation and Leadership (CEIL)'s home page.

CEIL is a nonpartisan organization designed to inform, educate, and enable Federal, State, and local officials on sustainable (green) initiatives and policies–in particular those mandated by Executive Order 13514, which requires Federal agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To engage employees from all agencies of the Federal Government in a conversation about sustainability, CEIL organized the GOVgreen Conference and Exposition The event, on November 9 and 10 in Washington, D.C., will bring together Government and military professionals responsible for developing and managing sustainability programs (figure 2).

Image of Conference poster
Figure 2—The GOVGreen conference
will give government officials
the chance to learn more about
sustainability from others in
government and product vendors.

GOVgreen's 30 sessions feature more than 85 speakers discussing topics ranging from energy to transportation and from conservation to facilities design and management.  More than 100 exhibitors will showcase green products and services. CEIL invites Federal employees to participate in GOVgreen at no cost. This is a chance to gather and exchange ideas, experiences, and tips on meeting the goals of Executive Order 13514.

For more information, please contact Ann Seltz, President, Center for Environmental Innovation and Leadership at

We're interested in what is happening on your unit. Contact Bob Beckley ( at 406–329–3996 to share your sustainability solutions with others in the Forest Service.