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Tailoring GPS for the Forest Service: MTDC's Testing and Evaluation Program

About the Authors

Andy Trent is a project engineer at MTDC. He received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Montana State University in 1989. Before coming to MTDC in 1996, Andy worked as a civilian engineer for the Department of the Navy.

Dick Karsky has been program leader for forest health protection, GPS, and the air portion of the watershed, soil, and air program since the fall of 1999. Dick has been a project leader at MTDC in the resource areas of GPS, range, cooperative forestry, engineering, fire, reforestation and nurseries, residues, recreation, and forest health protection. He received a bachelor's degree in agricultural engineering from North Dakota State University and a master's degree in agricultural engineering from the University of Minnesota. He worked for private industry before coming to MTDC in 1977.

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