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Drinking Water, Waste & Sanitation

Water Projects are selected to help field units provide safe potable water at campgrounds. The Recreation Program works with the Forest Service Water Users Board to make sure the forest service systems are kept current with the latest EPA regulations. The water lab is uniquely designed to test the effectiveness and durability of potable water filters. The program's work is intended to help find solutions to changing regulations.

Waste water projects are selected to help field units make decisions on the best available method to deal with human waste. The original guidelines for passive ventilation of toilet buildings (better know as the Sweet Smelling Toilet or, SST) were developed by the Recreation Program and are now used worldwide. Controlling odor, preventing pollution, and minimizing maintenance continue to be project goals.

The solid waste program works with animal resistant containers to help protect the visiting public and keep animals from becoming nuisances that must be destroyed. The program also looks at methods of recycling and recycling containers.

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