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Log Load Wrapper Security System

Since 1996 the USDA Forest Service Technology and Development Center in San Dimas California (SDTDC) has been reviewing potential systems and methods that would provide an alternative to branding and painting of small diameter logs prior to their transport to the mill. A security strapping system has been developed by SDTDC that can provide secure bundling of small diameter logs (less than 12-inch diameter) on the log truck at the sale landing prior to their transport to the mill and has the potential to provide identification for log loads with all log sizes. The SDTDC strapping concept has proved to be durable and acceptable during 2003 field tests conducted in Region 4 and has reduced the need for "Hammer Branding and Painting" (HB&P) each end of a log prior to transporting it to the mill, SDTDC believes the result will be a cost savings to both the Government and the logger. Also, if adopted by the Government to partially replace HB&P the security strapping provides a much safer alternative to preparation of logs for transport then HB&P.

The SDTDC Wrapper Security System (WSS) uses a light weight synthetic webbing combined with a sealable tensioning buckle to bundle the logs on the truck (see figure 1). The sealable tensioning buckle provides for a load identifying seal to be affixed after the bundling strap has been tightened – figure 2. During transport the buckle can be tightened as often as necessary to assure the log bundle remains intact. It cannot be loosened or removed without breaking the seal. A broken seal indicates the log bundle has been tampered with. The strapping system has been tested by SDTDC to assure practical field use and to assure the log bundle can survive removal from the truck at the mill and be set aside until it is either processed into products or otherwise released by a Forest Service Official, at the mill. Until it is agreed the straps can be removed, the log bundle remains intact and sealed at the mill.

Photo of security wrapper assembly.
Figure 1: View of Security Wrapper Assembly.

Photo of wrapper buckle with seal installed.
Figure 2: Wrapper Buckle with seal installed.