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Biomass Weight Sampling Tools

Gathering biomass weights is not a traditional forest measurement process, but is becoming more common as fuel reduction projects and biomass markets increase. The images shown below display some techniques used in Region 3 to sample biomass weights.

Photo of two men carrying a biomass slash stretcher.

Photo of biomass slash stretcher being weighed.

The above stretcher method is a good means of moving and weighing slash. The stretcher can be constructed using tarps and wood, metal, or plastic poles.

Photo of weighing a log.

Close up of the cable cinched on one end of the log.

Logs can be more manageable when the cable or rope suspending them extends over each end, rather than looping the cable or rope under it. This makes centering the log less cumbersome.

If you would like to have some of your techniques posted, then just send me an email with the images and a brief explanation.