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Beefy Backpack Tree Marking Paint System

Photo of man wearing beefy backpack displaying the marker.


This backpack paint system offers an alternative to the manual tree-marking gun. Unlike manual tree marking guns which rely on the operator to pump and propel the paint, this backpack paint system uses compressed gas to propel tree-marking paint to the trees. Manual tree marking guns require a significantly higher trigger pull force. The marker using the “Beefy” Backpack simply provides the energy to open and close a valve. The compressed gas does all the work.

There are several redundant safety devices built into the system to assure the operator's safety. A total of three relief valves and one burst disk were incorporated in the design to prevent over pressuring the system. The pressure in the steel tank is regulated down to 50-psi, well below the 130 psi rated working pressure of the tank. However practical care must still be taken when operating this system. Information on safely handling the CO2 cylinders is provided in this manual.

There are several backpack paint systems available; this paint system was designed to operate at a higher pressure and be more durable.