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Fire and Safety Specifications

The Missoula Technology and Development Center's fire equipment drawings have been converted to a format (.dwf) that can be displayed after a special viewer (Autodesk® DWF™ Viewer) has been installed. The viewer allows the drawings to be viewed and printed in your browser. You will not be able to edit the drawing. When printing, click the printer icon on the toolbar above the drawing or right-click and select Print. If you select "File" -> "Print..." from Internet Explorer, the print will not be satisfactory.

Forest Service employees may need administrative rights to install the viewer.

Download Autodesk® DWF™ Viewer

Fire Specifications
Spec Number Drawing Number Specification Name
5100_1d N/A Spark Arresters for Internal Combustion Engines
5100_9D 546B
Axes: Single Bit and Double Bit
5100_31D 726A Flys, Tent, Nylon, Polyurethane Coated
5100_38E 927A Sleeping Bag, Warm Weather
5100_84B 802C Canteen, Water, Polyethylene, 1-Quart
5100_85C 487C Cover, Water Canteen, Cotton Duck
5100_86B N/A Cloth, Duck, Nylon (Polyurethane Coated)
5100_87E N/A Cloth, Shirting, Aramid
5100_88E N/A Cloth, Trouser, Aramid
5100_91J 1067 Shirt, Flame-Resistant Aramid
5100_92M 973F Pants, Flame-Resistant Aramid
5100_94A 887B
Waterbags, 55-Gallon, Nylon Duck (With Replaceable Liners)
5100_95B 864C
Liners, Replaceable, For 5 and 55 Gallon Water Bags
5100_101c N/A Wrenches, Spanner, Fire Hose
5100_102e N/A Couplings, Fire and Suction Hose


Waterbags, 5 Gallon, Nylon Duck, Drinking and Suppression (With Replaceable Liners)
5100_104A 948A Chest Harness for Fire Shelter
5100_105d N/A Strainer, Suction Hose
5100_107d N/A Fire Hose Connections and Fittings
5100_108f N/A Couplings, Lightweight, Fire and Suction Hose
5100_110B N/A Message Dropper, Plastic
5100_150B 531A Belt Weather Kit (Assembly Of)
5100_184c N/A Suction Hose
5100_185e N/A Hose, Rubber, High Pressure, ¾ Inch Waterway
5100_185e_amend N/A Hose, Rubber, High Pressure, ¾ Inch Waterway
5100_186d N/A Fire Hose, Cotton-Synthetic, Lined, Woven Jacket, 1-Inch and 1-½ Inch
5100_187c N/A Fire Hose, Lightweight Synthetic, Lined, Woven Jacket
5100_190c N/A Threads, Gaskets, Rocker Lugs, Connections and Fittings, Fire Hose
5100_190c_amend N/A Threads, Gaskets, Rocker Lugs, Connections and Fittings, Fire Hose
5100_214F 920C Packsack
5100_215C 1103 Pack, Personal Gear, M–2014
5100_216C 735C Briefcase, Duck, Nylon, M-1984
5100_238c N/A Shutoff, Valve, Ball
5100_239c N/A Nozzle with Shutoff, Combination Barrel
5100_240d N/A Nozzle, Twin Tip, Shutoff, 1 Inch Base
5100_241d N/A Nozzle, Shutoff
5100_242d N/A Nozzle, Screw Tip, 1-½ Inch Inlet
5100_243c N/A Nozzle, Fire Hose, Mop-Up
5100_244d N/A Nozzle Tips, Straight Stream and Spray
5100_245c N/A Clamp, Shutoff, Fire Hose
5100_245c_amend N/A Clamp, Shutoff, Fire Hose
5100_256c N/A Pump, Fire, Backpack, Hand-Operated
5100_273e N/A Pump, Engine-Driven
5100_274e N/A Pump, Lightweight, Portable
5100_275c N/A Pump, Portable, Floating
5100_284C 519E Tool, Rake and Cutting
5100_316f N/A Sheaths, Plastic, Hand Tool
5100_325A 736G Combination Tool
5100_326D 1050 Shovel, Forest Fire
5100_353D 566H McLeod Tool
5100_355E 632F Pulaski Tool
5100_360F N/A Fusee, Backfiring
5100_380e N/A Valve, Wye
5100_382c N/A Valve, Check and Bleeder
5100_383b N/A Valve, Foot, With Strainer
5100_450C 505A Case, Belt Weather Kit
5100_451 N/A LED Headlamp, Firefighter
5100_454 N/A Anemometer, Floating Ball Type, Plastic
5100_501a N/A 3,000 Pound Swivel Hook, External, Helicopter
5100_501a_amend N/A 3,000 Pound Swivel Hook, External, Helicopter
5100_502f N/A 3,000 Pound Drawstring Cargo Net, External, Helicopter
5100_503 N/A 3,000 Pound Leadlines, External, Helicopter
5100_503_amend N/A 3,000 Pound Leadlines, External, Helicopter
5100_504b N/A 6,000 Pound Drawstring Cargo Net, External, Helicopter
5100_505   6,000 Pound Leadlines, External, Helicopter
5100_506 N/A 6,000 Pound Swivel Hook, External, Helicopter
5100_508a N/A 3,000 Pound 4-Corner Pickup Cargo Net, External, Helicopter
5100_522A N/A Pad, Sleeping
5100_601C 989C Shroud, Face and Neck, Wildland Fire
5100_603   Cargo Restraint System, School Bus
5100_605A 996D
Pack, Fireline
5100_606C 1000E Shelter, Fire, M-2002
5100_607D   Cloths, Laminated, Fire Shelter, M-2002
5100_608C 1001D Polyvinyl Chloride Bag, Fire Shelter, M-2002
5100_609A 1002D Case, Carrying, Fire Shelter, M-2002
5100_610A 1003A Liner, Carrying Case, Fire Shelter, M-2002
5100_611A 1005C
Shelter, Fire, Practice, M-2002
5100_612A 1007D Case, Carrying, Practice Fire Shelter, M-2002
5100_613A 1009 Bag, Fuel Bottle
5100_614A N/A Drip Torch (Diesel and Gasoline Mixture)
5100_615A   Protocol for Evaluating Off-Gas Toxicity of Fire Shelter Material
5100_616   Drip Torch—Extended Burner (Diesel and Gasoline Mixture)
5100_618 1081
Signs, Roll-Up (For Incident Sign Kits)
5100_619 1080
Drop Point Signs (For Incident Sign Kits)
5100_620 1092 Sign Post Adapter Clamps (For Incident Sign Kits)
5100_621 1116 Forest Service Specification for Waterbag, 5–Gallon, Suppression
Number Drawing Number Specification
487C 487C Cover, Water Canteen 1 QT
519E 519E Tool, Rake & Cutting Assembly
531A 531A Belt Weather Kit, Components & Assembly
546B 546B Ax, Type A, Double Bit
547B 547B Ax, Type C, Double Bit
566H 566H McLeod Tool
632F 632F Pulaski Tool
667E 667E Personal Gear Pack M-1982
712D 712D Pack, Field Pack, Firefighters M-1983
724C 724C Tent Fly, Oxford 16 x 24 ft.
726A 726A Fly, Tent, Nylon Rip Stop 9 x 9 ft.
735C 735C Briefcase, Duck, Nylon M-1984
736H 736H Combination Tool
802C 802C Canteen, Water, Polyethylene
823C 823C Chaps, Chainsaw Construction Details, M2000
824C 824C Patterns, Chainsaw Chaps
832H 832H Water Bag, Nylon Duck, 5-Gallon Suppression
834D 834D Water Bag, Nylon Duck, 5-Gallon Drinking Water
846B 846B Sharpening Gauge
863B 863B Case, Belt First Aid Kit
864C 864C Liner & Fittings, 5-Gallon Suppression
887C 887C Water Bag, Nylon Duck, 55-Gallon Drinking Water
888C 888C Liner & Fittings, 55-Gallon Drinking Water
889C 889C Water Bag , Nylon Duck, 55-Gallon Suppression
890C 890C Liner & Fittings, 55-Gallon Suppression
897A 897A Kit, Body Fluids Barrier
918A 918 Gloves, Heavy-Duty, Leather
920C 920C Packsack
927A 927A Sleeping Bag, Warm Weather
947 947 Buscargo
948A 948A Chest Harness for Fire Shelter
949 949 Pack, Personel Gear, Tent Bag
960A 960A Shirt Flame Resistant
973F 973F Pants, Flame Resistant, Aramid
989C 989C Shroud, Face & Neck, Wildland Fire
996D 996D Pack, Fire Line
1000E 1000E Fire Shelter
1001D 1001D Polyvinyl Bag w/Tear Strip M2002
1002E 1002E Carry Case, Fire Fighter M2002
1003C 1003C Liner, Carry Case Fire System M2002
1004D 1004D Pull Strap Large
1005C 1005C Practice, Fire Shelter
1006B 1006B Poly Bag, Practice Fire Shelter
1007E 1007E Case, Practice Fire Shelter
1009A 1009A Fuel Bottle Bag
1011A 1011A Stuff Sack, General Purpose
1050A 1050A Shovel, Forest Fire
1072 1072 Canteen Case, Fireline Pack
1080 1080 Single Drop Point Sign
1081 1081 Overlay Patch, Incident Sign Kit
1082 1082 Square Base Sign, Incident Sign Kit
1083 1083 Diamond Base Sign, Incident Sign Kit
1090 1090 Multiple Drop Point Sign
1091 1091 Drop Point Arrow
1092 1092 Sign Post Adapter Clamp, Fire Incident Sign Kit
1103 1103 Pack Personal Gear M-2014
1116 1116 Forest Service Specification for Waterbag, 5–Gallon, Suppression
Safety Specifications
Number Drawing Number Specification
6170_4G 823C
Chaps, Chainsaw
6170_5D 918A Gloves, Heavy-Duty Leather
6170_6H 863B Kits, First Aid
6170_14A 863B Case, Belt First Aid Kit
6170_15 897A Kit, Body Fluids Barrier