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Technical Services

This project covers the following tasks:
  • Program management, planning, and tracking
  • Innovation and Program Lifecycle Support
  • Technical Support for the committees and working teams
Innovation Process

Photo of a man standing next to a dozer on a trailer.The Innovation Process is the process by which new ideas are introduced, evaluated, and implemented. The innovation process involves the submission of products or methods to the Forest Service by manufacturers or individuals. The procedure for submission is available the by clicking on this link: Submission Procedure. This process does not provide funding for the development of the projects by the individuals or manufacturers. It is intended as a vehicle to introduce new equipment or processes to wildland fire operations. The data package will be reviewed by subject matter experts. Promising technology maybe further evaluated with the collaboration of the proposer.

The following are currently being evaluated:

  • Remote Control Dozer
  • Automated Fire Detection System
  • Lower Extremities Exoskeleton
Program Lifecycle Process

The program lifecycle process is a method of improving existing equipment or processes. New technologies or novel application of existing technology is evaluated for feasibility. The new technology will then be incorporated into improving existing equipment. The specifications for existing equipment are reviewed and update very 5 years.

Technical Committee Support

T&D personnel are technical advisors to the following federal interagency committees:

  • Fire Equipment Working Team (NWCG)
  • Mobile Fire Equipment Task Group (FEWT)
  • National Fire Equipment System Committee
  • Region 5 Mobile Fire Equipment Committee

And the following national organizations:

  • National Fire Protection Association 1906 Committee (NFPA)
  • National Fire Protection Association 1981 Committee (NFPA)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers J335, J342, J350 and J997 (SAE)