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Specifications and Standards

Hose Clamp Retrofit

Project Leader: Sam Wu
Deliverables: Maintenance of specifications and standards, first article testing

Project Description:

The Specifications and Standards Program is an on-going program supporting wildland fire equipment. The continuous updating of these documents ensure the procurement of the most current and economical equipment needed by the field. As technology advances and newer products are introduced to the commercial market, the specifications and standards are kept current to stay abreast with these changes. Revisions and amendments to these specifications and standards incorporate new technology, design changes, requirements, and test procedures. Specifications revised every five years and introduction of new technology is defined by the product lifecycle program.

Specifications and standards developed and maintained under this project directly support annual procurement of an estimated 30 million dollars worth of fire equipment and chemicals. SDTDC is responsible for approximately 31 specifications and standards that span from water handling equipment to helicopter accessories. Issue revisions and amendments to specifications/standards incorporating new technology, design changes, requirements, and test procedures. Coordinate the specification program with user agencies (i.e., Forest Service, General Services Administration (GSA) and others. Work with field users and GSA on contract administration and quality assurance. Assist, where directed, with preparation and support of the annual GSA/Interagency Wildfire Suppression Equipment Conference. This is a long standing project at SDTDC.

Project Activity Summary:

Participated in the Wildfire Suppression Equipment Conference in November 2004 (Albuquerque). SDTDC Fire Program Leader moderated Workshop A. A standard sprinkler kit has been developed and will be field tested during the 2005 fire season. The SDTDC Qualified Products List (QPL) program is currently being modified. All QPLs, except fire pumps, are being eliminated. Specifications for the eliminated QPLs items are being converted from a QPL specification to a First Article specification.

Doc ID Title PDF Link Last Updated Next Update
FS 5100-1d Spark Arresters for Internal Combustion Engines 5100-1d.pdf Feb 2013 ~
FS 5100-101c Wrenches, Spanner, Fire Hose 5100-245c.pdf Aug 1997 2010
FS 5100-102f Couplings, Fire and Suction Hose 5100-102f.pdf Aug 2013
FS 5100-105d Strainer, Suction Hose 5100-105d.pdf Aug 1997 2009
FS 5100-107d Fire Hose Connections and Fittings 5100-107d.pdf Dec 2005 2009
FS 5100-108f Couplings, Lightweight, Fire and Suction Hose 5100-108f.pdf Jan 2007 2012
FS 5100-184c Suction Hose 5100-184c.pdf Aug 1997 2009
FS 5100-185e Hose, Rubber, High Pressure, 3/4 Inch Waterway 5100-185e.pdf Aug 1997 2009
Amendment #2 5100-185e_amend2.pdf Jan 2007 ~
FS 5100-186d Fire Hose, Cotton-Synthetic, Lined, Woven Jacket, 1 Inch and 1-1/2 Inch 5100-186d.pdf May 2006 2011
FS 5100-187c Fire Hose, Lightweight Synthetic, Lined, Woven Jacket 5100-187c.pdf Mar 2006 2011
FS 5100-190c Threads, Gaskets, Rocker Lugs, Connections and Fittings, Fire Hose 5100-190c.pdf Dec 2005 2010
Amendment #1 5100-190c_amend1.pdf Oct 2007 ~
FS 5100-238c Shutoff, Valve, Ball 5100-238c.pdf Oct 2000 2009
FS 5100-239c Nozzle with Shutoff, Combination Barrel 5100-239c.pdf Oct 2000 2009
FS 5100-240d Nozzle, Twin Tip, Shutoff, 1 Inch Base 5100-240d.pdf Oct 2000 2009
FS 5100-241d Nozzle, Shutoff 5100-241d.pdf Oct 2000 2009
FS 5100-242d Nozzle, Screw Tip, 1-1/2 inch Inlet 5100-242d.pdf Oct 1998 2009
FS 5100-243c Nozzle, Fire Hose, Mop-Up 5100-243c.pdf Sep 1996 2009
FS 5100-244d Nozzle Tips, Straight Stream and Spray 5100-244d.pdf Oct 2000 2009
FS 5100-245c Clamp, Shutoff, Fire Hose 5100-245c.pdf Sep 1996 ~
Amendment #2 5100-245c_Amend2.pdf Sep 2007 2009
FS 5100-256c Pump, Fire, Backpack, Hand-Operated 5100-256c.pdf Jan 2007 2012
FS 5100-273e Pump, Engine-Driven 5100-273e.pdf Mar 2006 2011
FS 5100-274e Pump, Lightweight, Portable 5100-274e.pdf Jun 2009
FS 5100-275c Pump, Portable, Floating 5100-275c.pdf Feb 2007 2012
FS 5100-316e Sheaths, Plastic, Hand Tool 5100-316e.pdf Aug 1997 Transfer to MTDC
FS 5100-380e Valve, Wye 5100-380e.pdf Jan 2007 2010
FS 5100-382c Valve, Check and Bleeder 5100-382c.pdf Aug 1997 2010
FS 5100-383b Valve, Foot with Strainer 5100-383b.pdf Aug 1997 2009
FS 5100-450C Case, Belt Weather Kit 5100-450C.pdf Feb 2000 Transfer to MTDC
FS 5100-501a 3,000 Pound Swivel Hook, External, Helicopter 5100-501a.pdf Oct 2003 2009
FS 5100-501a
Amend 2
3,000 Pound Swivel Hook, External, Helicopter 5100-501a_amend2.pdf Jun 2004 2009
FS 5100-502d 3,000 Pound Cargo Nets, External, Helicopter 5100-502d.pdf Jul 2007 2009
FS 5100-503 3,000 Pound Leadlines, External, Helicopter 5100-503.pdf Oct 2003 2009
FS 5100-503
Amend 1
3,000Pound Leadlines, External, Helicopter 5100-503_Amend1.pdf Jun 2003 2009
FS 5100-504b 6,000 Pound Cargo Nets, External, Helicopter 5100-504b.pdf Jun 2007 2009
FS 5100-505 6,000 Pound Leadlines, External, Helicopter 5100-505.pdf Sep 2004 2009
FS 5100-506 6,000 Pound Swivel Hook, External, Helicopter 5100-506.pdf Sep 2004 2009

Inactive for Design or Procurement Specifications (PDF)

Doc ID Title PDF Link Last Updated Next Update
FS 5100-257c Tank, Metal, Fire, Backpack 5100-257c.pdf Aug 1997 ~
FS 5100-340b Reel, Hose, Booster 5100-340b.pdf Aug 1997 ~
FS 5100-344b Pump, Belt Driven, Vehicle Engine 5100-344b.pdf Aug 1997 ~
FS 5100-500e Accessories, External-Loading, Helicopter and Amendment 1 5100-500e_and_Amendment1.pdf July 1991 ~

For more information on this project, contact: Sam Wu ( at (909) 599-1267 ext. 292 or Ralph Gonzales ( at 909-599-1267 ext. 212