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Crawler Protection

Project Plan

Project Leader: Sam Wu
Proposer:Kirk Bradley, Roscommon Equipment Center
Estimated Completion:
      Lab Testing: October 2008
      Outdoor Validation: August 2009
Deliverables: Project report validating effectiveness of crawler protection system

Project Description:

The objective of this project is to validate through testing the viability of equipment or devices marketed to protect a crawler or dozer operator in a burnover. This project only covers dozers equipped with an environmental cab. The following items with be tested for their effectiveness:

  • Tempered and laminated glass
  • Fire curtains
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic hose protection
  • Air filters and pre-cleaners
  • Brush guards (over glass)
  • Shower units
Project Actions:
    laminated glass
  • Create Dozer Protection Committee to define scope, test conditions and equipment to be evaluated.
  • Identified Partners
  • Reseach exisiting studies on equipment burnover
  • Develop project plan to define tasks and schedules
  • Acquired test dozers from the States of Georgia and New Jersey
  • Developing test plans and equipment needed for indoor testing

If you would like more information on this project, please contact Sam Wu at (909) 599-1267 ext. 292 or email at