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Hemlock Wooley Adelgid Experiment Field Test Support

Image of Hemlock Wooley Adelgid on the underside of a hemlock branch.

Project Description:

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) is an insect that is destroying stands of hemlock trees in the eastern United States.  The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid inhabits the underside of hemlock branches making it difficult to reach using conventional spraying techniques.  Preliminary trials in Canada have indicated that spraying a fog like spray from a helicopter may allow droplets to reach the underside of the branches where the HWA lives.  Spraying trials are being planned in New Germany State Park, Maryland to confirm the Canadian findings.  MTDC will be assisting with these trials.

Project Status:

MTDC has developed two samplers for deploying artificial foliage specimens and is currently waiting for field test results before proceeding with further production of these samplers.  Once spray trials begin, MTDC will install and operate the meteorological instrumentation, provide photography support, and take canopy density measurements.