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Images from various aspects of the T&D Program.
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Lifelines Video

Alan Yamada, Program Leader
Photo of a California Poppy.
Greg Napper and Mike Mitchell, Project Leader


Project Background and Objectives:

With the advent of the USFS celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2005, USFS and its partner in transportation, the Federal Lands Highway organization, working through the Broadcast Media & Technology Center (BMTC), Office of Communications, USDA, will be producing a 15 - 20 minute video on the importance that good transportation systems bring to areas served by forest roads.

One of the objectives of the video will address Federal Lands Highway's highly regarded and respected expertise. Knowledge of the FLH relationship with other Federal agencies goes unpublicized even within FHWA. This lack of understanding also exists throughout the Federal government and congressional delegations and to the public. Thus, the video will serve as an informational and educational tool to present a success story based on achievements of the Forest Service with Federal Land Management Agencies.

The pictures shown below were taken at some of the locations where the filming was done.

Lifelines Video

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