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Accessible Handpump

Accessible Handpump Conforms to Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA)/ABA Accessibility Guidelines

If you have a recreation site that would benefit from an accessible hand pump, you can now order the ADA 100 Rotary Hand Pump from Simple Pump Company in Gardnerville, Nevada, which is located near Reno. The manufacturer has produced a model that we believe is acceptable for use in the National Forests, and conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act/Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines.

[photo] A man watching a woman in a wheelchair while she works the handle of an accessible handpump in a forested area.

Click one of the links below to view a video demonstration of the Accessible Handpump:

Regardless of your connection speed, it may take several minutes for the video to begin playing after you click one of these links.

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  • higher quality (larger image) suitable for a fast broadband (DSL) connection (8,868 KB)
  • text narration for Accessible Handpump video

Since the manufacturer is unsure of demand for the new pump, several price points are being offered. At this time the price will fall in the range of $1,900 to $2,250 each, depending on the number of units ordered. The manufacturer needs a production lot size of 100 units to produce the pump at the $1,900 price. A lot size of 50 units will result in a price of $2,000 each. Lead time on a single ADA 100 (priced at $2,250)

The prototype for the ADA 100 Rotary Hand Pump was developed by the USDA Forest Service Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC). Photos on this page are of the prototype unit, which look slightly different than the manufacturer's ADA 100 model Development, installation, and use of this product is in Tech Tip 0571-2311-MTDC, New Accessible Handpump for Campgrounds, available at 2311 (username t-d, password t-d).

Contact information:

Simple Pump Company
1140 Amarillo Dr
Gardnerville NV 89460
Phone: 1-877-492-8711

[photo] side view of the inner workings of the prototype accessible handpump     [photo] Rear view of the accessible handpump

[photo] closeup side view of the inner workings of the prototype accessible handpump

[image] Graphic illustrating the working components of the accessible handpump.