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1994. Visual Prioritization Process - User's Manual. FHWA-FLP-93-007. San Dimas, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center. 42 p.

Road construction and reconstruction projects are subjected to ever increasing scrutiny and criticism from aspects of environmental impacts and costs. Providing measures in road projects to mitigate environmental concerns including visual quality objectives, often threatens the economic viability of needed projects, especially in visually sensitive terrain.

On any given project, requirements for maintenance of visual quality may be imposed as a requirement for construction/reconstruction and variations in visual sensitivity exist within areas with the same visual quality objectives . Blanket or uniform application of mitigation treatments within a given visual management category is not cost effective. The most sensitive areas should receive the full range of mitigation: less sensitive areas can receive less. The problem has been to identify and prioritize areas to receive diierent mitigation efforts, thus maximizing benefits to road users at the feast cost.

The Visual Prioritization Process (VPP) was developed as a tool to analyze and inventory visual impacts and mitigation in connection with roadway improvement projects. This study refines the process to accommodate conditions relating to distances, angles, construction, and rankings within the models. The User's Manual is intended for use by all design disciplines including engineers, landscape architects and planners.


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