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Napper, Carolyn . 2008. Soil and Water Road-Condition Index - Field Guide. 0877 1806P. San Dimas, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center. 104 p.

San Dimas Technology and Development Center (SDTDC) of the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, developed the soil and water road-condition index (SWRCI) to provide a road-condition assessment tool for watershed- and project-scale analysis. SWRCI is intended to be a rapid-assessment tool for soil scientists and hydrologists to identify effects of roads on soil quality and function, as well as impacts to water quality and downstream values.

The road-condition rating uses key indicators to identify potential soil and water problems on a road or road segment (a portion of a road wth similar characteristics, such as surface shape, road gradient, hillslope position, or surface condition). This field guide incorporates photographs of road conditions that illustrate both functional and atrisk indicators. Interdisciplinary teams can use the road-condition information collected using SWRCI to identify potential opportunities for soil, water, and road solutions. A companion publication, the soil and water road- condition index- desk reference:

  • Provides a description of each road attribute.
  • Identifies the questions the attribute addresses for a project- or watershed-scale roads analysis.
  • Identifies related indicators, and the usefulness of the attributes, in identifying road impacts to soil and water


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