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Sharkey, Brian . 2006. Wildland Firefighter Health & Safety Report: No. 10. 0651 2810P. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center. 12 p.

This issue describes the 45-yr history of the cooperative research agreement between the University of Montana and the Missoula Technology and Development Center. This work has led to tests, programs, tools, hydration and nutrition guidance, and, most importantly, to improved performance, health (immune function), and safety of wildland firefighters. Research summarized in this issue includes studies showing that regular snacking (with some items containing caffeine) increased the activity of wildland firefighters compared to eating an entrée-based field ration (Meal Ready to Eat) during a 12-hr shift. The problems of heat stress and drinking too much water (hyponatremia) are discussed, as is the problem of rhabdomyolysis (exercise-induced damage to muscle membranes that allows key compounds to leak out of cells).

Keywords: acclimatization, altitude, caffeine, first strike rations, heat stress, history, hyponatremia, meals, nutrients, nutrition, rations, research, rhabdomyolysis, snacks, wfhsr


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