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Roads Riparian Team, . 2005. Riparian Restoration: Roads Field Guide. 0577 1801P. San Dimas, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center. 128 p.

Riparian areas are degraded from improperly constructed or maintained roads. Roads can cause increased bank and channel erosion, increased sediment deposition into channels, increased flooding, and increased species mortality or injury. Impacts in riparian areas from improperly constructed roads are also indicated by a decrease in riparian vegetative cover, dewatered meadows, a decrease in water quality, and a compromised recreational experience. To cultivate an understanding of riparian areas, we begin this field guide with a discussion of riparian area considerations, which includes a listing of the various types of impacts one might observe in riparian areas.

Management strategies and restoration techniques can be used to protect riparian areas as a part of new road construction planning and design or as applied to existing roads. Some techniques are valid to only one or two ecoregions, but others are applicable nationwide. Techniques may be used singly or in concert with other techniques, depending on the road problem and the riparian objectives. The project checklist questions are intended to help you analyze your site for issues and prepare you to identify good solutions.

Keywords: engineering, field guide, riparian, riparian restoration, roads, transportation

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