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Erlenbach, Dave ; Land, Brenda . 2004. Portable Pressure Washer for Cleaning Recreational Sites. 0423 1305P. San Dimas, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center. 6 p.

Cleaning toilet buildings with brooms, mops, and brushes is time consuming. With reduced staff and increased workloads, toilets and other recreational structures may not be cleaned to an appropriate standard. The use of a high-pressure, low-volume portable pressure washer is more effective and less time consuming than using a fire engine, which might not be available during fire season. SDTDC performed a literature search of available pressure washers and found several brands and models costing between $400 and $10,000. Many of these were unsuitable because of weight, pressure, or discharge. Most were also incomplete and required a water tank, a hose reel, or a hand-washing station. Some washers required the unit to be skid mounted. As a result of the literature search, the SDTDC project leader decided to design and build a complete skidmounted system that best met the needs of the USDA Forest Service.

Keywords: portable pressure washer


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