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2003. Fire Equipment Storage and Refurbishing Standards. 0351 1207P. San Dimas, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center. 256 p.

In 1989, the NFES Refurbishment Standard Committee established a Task Group to look at the development of a set of storage and refurbishment standards for fire equipment that is part of the NFES National Cache System. This task group was made up of several of the National Interagency Support Cache Managers and a select group of interested individuals from around the nation. The group met and established a standard outline for the Storage and Refurbishment Standards, and also identified all of the individual equipment items that should have standards. This list was then divided among the national and local caches and the two Forest Service Technology & Development Centers for the development of the standards.

Bill Russell, Forest Service Region 3, Aviation and Fire Management Staff, served as the first Task Group leader and editor of the standards. As standards were developed, they were shared among the Cache Managers. Suggested changes were incorporated and shared again. A final package of standards was available for the NFES Committee meeting in Lexington, KY, in the spring of 1991, and was published in July 1992.

The 2003 edition contains the results of a total review of the existing standards and incorporates additional Refurbishment Standards and an appendix section that contains specific direction for refurbishment of items stocked within the National Cache System.

As new items are introduced into the National Cache System, there is a requirement, established by NFES, that the developer or proponent of the item provide a Storage and Refurbishment Standard. These must be in the same format as the current standards for ease of incorporation into future editions.


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