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Lynch, Tim . 2002. Lessons From the Thirtymile Fire. 0251 2W01. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center.

Lessons from the Thirtymile Fire is a Web Site that presents training information based on the events of the Thirtymile Fire. It provides a chronological overview of the pivotal events and contributing factors that led to the entrapment of 14 firefighters and 2 civilians, and to the deaths of 4 of the firefighters. Topics include a discussion of pivotal events and contributing factors on the Thirtymile Fire during three phases: 1) before entrapment; 2) after entrapment but before deployment; and 3) during deployment. The program emphasizes the importance of avoiding entrapment, outlines actions that firefighters should take if they become entrapped, emphasizes the concepts demonstrated in current fire shelter training aids, and addresses the critical importance of leadership during entrapment and deployment situations. This program can be used as self-paced training for individuals or as instructor-facilitated group training. The full program and accompanying Instructor's Guide can be downloaded from the Lessons Web site in HTML, Adobe PDF, PowerPoint, or Word document formats.

Keywords: deployments, entrapments, fatalities, fire shelters, investigations, lessons learned, safety, training


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