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Taylor, Ross H.; Jasumback, Anthony E.; Karsky, Dick ; Weigel, Dale . 2000. Evaluation of the Trimble ProXR GPS Receiver Under a Hardwood Canopy Using CORS Broadcast Real-Time DGPS Corrections. 0071 2341. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center.

Describes the results of tests of the Trimble ProXR global positioning system (GPS) receiver conducted under a hardwood canopy at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service GPS hardwoods test site in the Hoosier National Forest near Bedford, IN. The test evaluated the receiver's real-time accuracy using signal corrections broadcast from a continuously operating reference station (CORS) differential GPS (DGPS) station 150 km from the test site. The test indicated that a heavy hardwood canopy can attenuate satellite GPS and real-time CORS DGPS correction signals, preventing them from being picked up by the receiver. No real-time corrections were received at several stations on the test course. Only a portion of the positions were corrected at a number of stations. When the Trimble ProXR GPS receiver was used under the hardwood canopy and real-time corrected with the CORS DGPS signal, it provided nearly 1-m (1.02 to 5.29 ft) horizontal-position accuracy. If the data are postprocessed, the ProXR will produce better (1.204 to 3.194 ft) average horizontal accuracy.

Keywords: accuracy, DGPS, differential corrections


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