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Windell, Keith ; Bradshaw, Sunni . 2000. Understory Biomass Reduction Methods and Equipment Catalog. 0051 2826. Missoula, MT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Missoula Technology and Development Center. 156 p.

Ladder fuels and dense pockets of young Douglas-fir make it especially difficult, if not impossible, to get desirable results with prescribed fire in ponderosa pine stands without some creative burning techniques or mechanical preburn treatment using equipment and techniques discussed in this report. Although stands of ponderosa pine with Douglas-fir encroachment are the focus for fuel treatments in this report, the equipment and techniques discussed will probably have applications for other species.

This report consists of two sections. The first section contains the results of numerous interviews, a field survey, and a literature search. This section discusses fuel reduction equipment and methods that have been tried in the past, those that are currently being used, and those that may warrant consideration in the future.

The second section is a catalog of equipment suitable to treat landscape areas before prescribed burns. It is the result of an extensive market search. The catalog is designed to help forest managers make informed decisions. It profiles a variety of small and large pieces of equipment suitable for many different situations and budgets. To keep the size of the catalog manageable, equipment that is commonly available and well known is not included (equipment such as skidders, excavators, loaders, and so forth).

An abbreviated version of this report (32 p.) is available for managers interested in the first section, but not the detailed equipment specifications. The abbreviated report is Understory Biomass Reduction Methods and Equipment (Tech. Rep. 0051-2828-MTDC).

Keywords: biomass, collection, disposal, Douglas-fir, fuel treatment, handling, management, ponderosa pine, prescribed fire, residues, thinning

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