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Rae C. Stedman Elementary School


  • Petersburg, AK
  • K-5
  • Approximately 200 students

About the Petersburg City School District

  • Petersburg School District Becomes the First Adopt-A-School Program in Alaska
    • Read about the Tongass National Forest's five-year participating agreement with the Petersburg School District
  • Petersburg City School District is located on Mitkof Island, in the southeast panhandle of Alaska, approximately 700 miles north of Seattle. The school district serves approximately 500 students in grades kindergarten through twelve. The district employs 47 licensed staff and 49 support staff.
  • The City of Petersburg is one of the top ranking ports in the United States for quantity and value of fish landed.

Petersburg Harbor Source: Petersburg City School District Website



Rae C. Stedman Elementary School Source: Rae C. Stedman Elementary School Website

Last Modified: 10/07/2011