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Munford Elementary School


Munford Elementary School is a partner of the National Forests of Alabama. In August 2001 it became the first school in the southeast designed with an environmental educational theme with the Forest Service serving as one of Talladega County Board of Education (TCBOE) lead supporters.

Nestled near the Talladega National Forest, Munford Elementary School incorporates a natural environment as the setting to teach reading, writing, language, math, science, history, and social sciences.

Teachers incorporate all the natural resource exhibits and displays into their daily teachings at Munford Elementary School.

Munford Elementary School uses a process called “theme immersion”, which allows teachers to use the instructional design of the school and the interpretive physical design and exhibits to reinforce their lessons.

The elementary school’s environmental learning experience and the Forest Service’s support expanded to Munford Middle and High School in January 2006. The basic themes are the same in all three schools, but the complexity increases to match the level of the students.

With its passion for protecting the environment and partnership with the Forest Service, Munford Elementary School aims to produce well-rounded citizens and future environmental stewards.

School Profile

Special Events

  • The Forest Service partners with the Talladega county schools and other partners to provide a week of outdoor education for 4th graders through the Chinnabee Open-Air Classroom.
  • Annually, in cooperation with the National Wild Turkey Foundation, the Forest Service hosts a JAKES Event during the spring youth turkey hunt.
  • Each May, the Talladega District partners with Sylacauga’s Department of Recreation to sponsor a fishing derby for local youth as well as disabled youth and adults.
  • Smokey Bear participates in over 20 fire prevention programs each year around the local community.
  • The Talladega Ranger District has a unique venue to display Smokey at the local NASCAR races twice a year. Smokey rides a U.S. Forest Service fire engine around the track as part of the pre-race parade.

Munford Elementary School students participate in the 2009 Open Air Classroom

Quotes from students who participated:

"One thing that I loved about the field trip was the survivor man telling us how to make a spear and squirrel pole.”
- Haley Matraia

"I learned tree stumps and turtle shells both have rings that tell how old they are."
- Cisco Felker

"I learned why foresters use an axe instead of a bulldozer."
- Tae Bordan

"We learned how to keep the forest healthy."
- Maddison Jones


Last Modified: 09/12/2011