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Munford Elementary School


  • Talladega National Forest, Alabama.
  • Approximately 700 students K-5.
  • Promotes aspects to great outdoors.
  • Theme: "Discovering through Nature the Enchantment of Learning"
    • Kinder– 1st- "The Enchantment of forest"
    • 2nd-3rd- "Where the wild things are"
    • 4th-5th –"The main stream"
  • Cafeteria has a 250 gallon aquarium surrounded by a hand painted mural of Local River.

Munford Students learn about forestry practices through interactive displays like this one.

Mission statement

  • "To provide a high education to all students, so they will become respectful, responsible, and resourceful citizen"


  • "Well-rounded citizens"
  • "To produce students who understand the complex interaction of the environment and the need to keep it clean and healthy, while at the same time using products responsibly"
  • Coy Mills, assistant superintendent for Talladega County schools said:
    • "The goal: to help students understand the relationship between people and the environment"
    • "We will use the environment to teach "reading, writing, math, science, and social sciences, rather than teaching the environment as a small part of the curriculum."
    • "Teaching students the truth about the proper balance of the environment and the use of natural resources will create informed, caring citizens as they grow into adulthood."
    • "We hope to help students understand the value of the forest as a natural resource--that natural resources, our health, and environmental health are interrelated"
    • "School officials are collaborating with other federal, state, and local agencies, environmental groups, industry officials, and parents to fund and plan the project. Supporters also will help design lessons plans about water quality, forest products and management, recycling, and other subjects."

Race distribution

  • White/Other: 71%
  • Black: 28%
  • Hispanic: 1%
  • Asian: 0%
  • Native American: 0%


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