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Cleveland HighSchool


  • First LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Grade Levels Served: 9-12

Mission Statement

  • To offer students a comprehensive learning expereience by providing a strong focus on student achievement and academic rigor and relevance through an educational platform that emphasizes 21st century skills


  • "To connect students to a comprehensive learning experience by providing a strong focus on student achievementt, academic rigor and a program of activities that helps students develop strong minds and values, encouraging them to stay in school through graduation"
  • "The creation of six academic academies, sequenced course electives, and selected seminars will provide the comprehensive framework to meet our desired education philosophy. Its strength will lie in its academy structure, programs, and its capable, experienced, and passionate faculty"
  • "V. Sue Cleveland High School promotes a climate that supports teaching and learning, personal growth, and a passion for lifelong learning."
  • "V. Sue Cleveland High School is a rich academic learning center, but it also provides students with opportunities to achieve, extra-curricular activities, and wide-ranging elective offerings"
  • "To connect with the work force, as well as local colleges and universities, will better prepare students for life after high school"

School Program

  • Comprehensive High School with academic academies:
    • Academy of the Arts
    • Academy of Design
    • Academy of Environmental Studies
    • Academy of International Studies
    • Academy of Liberal Arts
    • Academy of Science and Health
Cleveland High School clock tower at noon

[Photo] Cleveland High School clock tower at noon. Photo by Kim Vesely.

Student Enrollment: 1,624

Race Distribution:

  • Caucasian - 48.8%
  • Hispanic - 38.6%
  • African American - 5.6%
  • Native American - 4.2%
  • Asian American - 2.8%

Last Modified: 01/06/2010