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Bailey's Elementary School


To help promote the importance of Earth conservation, the Forest Service is conducting an outreach program with Bailey’s Elementary School for Arts and Science, in Falls Church, Virginia.

The main purpose of this program is to enhance children’s understanding of the environment and natural resource conservation. This partnership not only affects the students but it also motivates the community to care for the environment.

Through presentations by environmental speakers, the development of outdoor recreation areas, acquiring new scientific equipment, and educational field trips, students learn in a fun and interactive way. These experiences also encourage children to increase their interest in careers related to the natural sciences.

It is hoped that the integration and development of an environmental curriculum will instill in the students the sense of responsibility to care for the environment. It is also hoped that it will motivate them to appreciate the significance of outdoor activities and the value of the preserving the Earth for future generations.

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Thank You Notes

Michael A. Hill reads to students at Bailey's Elementary School's "Reading is Fundamental" event. This year students listened to stories related to water.

Last Modified: 06/06/2011