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Bailey's Elementary School


  • Falls Church, Virginia
  • Approximately 900 students
  • Made up largely of minority students
  • Languages - Spanish, English, Vietnamese, Arabic and Urdu.
  • Over 40 countries and 20 different spoken language at home.


  • "The purpose is to help each student reach his or her maximum potential across academic areas; become a responsible member of communities and groups; and achieve self-awareness and self-direction as an individual. Towards this end, we support each student to continually grow and thrive in his or her ability to understand, express, inquire, connect, and hope."
  • "A Hispanic parent liaison works with parents and develops special links between home and school."
  • "The school works to foster a learning environment where students can become independent, literate problem solver."
  • "The school has a partnership with the Kennedy Center as part of the Changing Education through the Arts Program (CETA) - teachers seek innovative ways to integrate the arts throughout the curricula."
  • Technology- laptop, Smart Board, desktops, distance learning, and they have a state-of-the-art communications lab where students produce their own TV shows and videos.


  • Spanish Immersion Program
  • Bailey's Two Ways Immersion Program –for Kindergarten students


  • "Students participate in whole class lessons in the science lab and outdoors as an extension of their classroom science curriculum."
  • The teachers, students, parents and members of the community participate in different experiments and laboratories.

Bailey's  Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

  • Excellent relationship between school and parents.

Race Distribution

  • Hispanic- 51%
  • White/ Other- 24%
  • Asian- 14%
  • Black- 5%
  • Native American- 0%


  1. Bailey's Elementary School for the Arts and Science
  2. Bailey's Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
  3. Fairfax County Public Schools

[Photo] Mike Hill, landscape architect student at Virginia Tech (left) and Matt Arnn from Northeastern Area/Recreation (right) assist students at Bailey's Elementary School on January 11. Forest Service representatives spoke with staff at Bailey's about their Outdoor Education Program and looked at their facility and school grounds in order to see how the Forest Service can help their outdoor science program in the future.
Photo by Keith Riggs, Office of Communication, Washington Office.

Last Modified: 07/08/2008