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Sustainable Operations

Western Collective

Western Collective

The Western Collective will facilitate overall coordination and collaboration of Sustainable Operations practices throughout R1, R2, R3, R4, R6, and RMRS while providing the management and leadership climate to ensure such activities and practices are successful. Through leadership and example, the Board will work to educate and network with others connected to Federal Agency operations in reducing our environmental footprint, while simultaneously advancing the principles of sustainability.


  • Incorporate and maintain long-term programs, practices, tools, and policies that integrate environmental footprint principles throughout the organization by removing barriers and promoting the use of appropriate technologies;
  • Institute a culture that emphasizes education, rewards positive actions, and reconizes achievements that reduce our environmental footprint in long lasting ways;
  • Integrate environmental footprint considerations into daily decisions, habits, planning and operations; and
  • Increase capacity and capabilities to implement Sustainable Operations throughout the organization.




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