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Tools, Green Technology, Games


Green Technology


  • Sustainable Operations and Comsumption
    40-minute presentation by Anna Jones Crabtree
    Topics include: Climate Change is..., Footprint Strategies, Energy, Fleet/Transportation, Water, Green Purchasing and much more

Video Teleconferencing

Solar Trash Compactors

The Big Belly is a compacting trash receptacle that is completely self-powered and uses solar power for 100% of its energy needs. It has fives times the capacity of an ordinary compactor. It reduces emissions of green house gases and other pollutants.


  • Features
    • Share Documents & Data
      • Show the group any information and data on your computer at any time.
    • Collaborate
      • Have the entire team work on documents in real-time
    • Powerful Presentations
      • Manage live question and answer dialogs during a presentation
    • Quick and Easy
      • No special equipment required. Only need a computer.
  • Benefits
    • Reduce travel costs
    • Reduce energy consumption
    • Reduce food expenses
    • Reduce environmental footprint (CO2 emissions)
    • Reduce water consumption
    • Reach a larger audience


Grant Opportunities

Click to open a large PDF of this Carbon Cycle poster.

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