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Sustainable Operations Summit

2009 Sustainable Operations Summit - "Leading By Example: Toolkit for Success"

Planned Dates: October 27-29

Where: Portland, OR at the Robert Duncan Plaza Building, R6 Regional Office

Sponsors: R6, PNW (Pacific NW Research Station), and R10

Virtual Participation: We have room for more than 200 virtual sites to join this year's Summit. All virtual participant access to the Summit is through the internet. You will have a web link and access to the Summit website which will get you into the conference. Please register your inetrest in attending this year's summit virtually as registration is required for access to the Summit website.

You will need a computer to join the Summit, and group sites will need a monitor or a computer projector to display the sessions so everyone can see. There is no need to use your video teleconferencing equipment unless you want to use the monitor for projection. Contact Mona Spargo at to register.


  • To highlight sustainable operations taking place across the country
  • To give participants the tools and information to institute sustainable operation practices in their work and community
  • To explore cutting-edge science and ideas in sustainable practices
  • To model green practices with the use of new technologies

For more information contact: KJ Silverman, Mt Hood NF, 503-668-1749, or Mona Spargo, Chugach NF 907-743-9572,

Hotel Fifty

50 SW Morrison Portland, OR 97204

Group Code: SOS

Hotel 50 in Portland is holding a block of rooms until October 5th for Summit participants.

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