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R5 - Pacific Southwest Region

The Eldorado National Forest Placeville Nursery installed “solo” tubes to light the interior of their public display room. Solo tubes use the sun for diffused interior lighting.

Fuel Cell Vehicle

The Eldorado National Forest entered into a partnership with the California Fuel Cell and leased a Nissan Fuel Cell vehicle for uses between the Eldorado National Forest and the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. Portable fueling stations are to be set up in South Lake Tahoe and Placerville, CA. The new fuel cell vehicle is designed to assist in the positive movement towards a more sustainable footprint for both forests. In an effort to move the Forest Service into a position to be a leader in use of environmentally consciencevehicles, four additional hybrid vehicles have been purchased.

Xeriscaping on the Inyo National Forest and landscaping with native plants and grasses on the Fremont-Winema National Forest have helped conserve water.

The Inyo National Forest converted to green products that are available for their janitorial services.

The Inyo National Forest has put recycling bins for materials at each work station, battery buckets at all offices and fire stations, and cardboard and drink container recycling at all offices.

GREENer Fleet Powered by Biodiesel

The Mendocino National Forest has integrated biodiesel for two districts to use for fire and heavy equipment. The forest also has a hybrid vehicle in the supervisor’s office vehicle pool. In addition, in an effort to rightsize its fleet, the forest has decreased its total fleet by 13 vehicles, keeping 15 vehicles.

Vendors for the Mendocino National Forest were asked to fill fleet cooling systems in fleet forest vehicles with less toxic “Sierra” (propylene glycol based) instead of ethylene glycol.

The San Bernardino National Forest pressed natural gas trucks, 2 Ford Hybrid Escapes, 2 propane forklifts, and 6 Global Electric Motorcar vehicles.

The Six Rivers National Forest installed solar equipment to generate electricity at a remote fire station that historically used diesel and propane generators.

Last Modified: 03/02/2014