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R10 - Alaska Region

The Region 10 Regional Office, is using a mobile servicing company that provides services such as changing oil and tires. Because some of the region’s offices are very remote, this service will help reduce consumption of fuel. In the past, employees have driven vehicles more than 80 miles roundtrip to have vehicles serviced.

On the Tongass National Forest, the Forest Service has a recycling partnership with a local nonprofit group in Ketchikan. Part of the State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Community Connection’s mission is “Providing individualized customer guided supports that encourage independence, community belonging, and quality of life.” The Forest Service has been fortunate to have Ian Clark pick up and recycle paper, cans, glass, and cardboard for the past several years. In 2006, the Forest Service Chief presented Ian with the Forest Service Volunteer of the Year award for his service.

Green Actions by Incident Management Teams Pacific Northwest and Alaska 2008 [PDF]

Last Modified: 03/02/2014