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R1 - Northern Region

Photovoltaic System

The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest installed a 4 kW grid-tied photovoltaic system with battery backup at the Madison Ranger Station.

On the Nez Perce National Forest, the maintenance manager at the Red River Ranger Station repaired leaks on the system’s galvanized water lines. These repairs reduced water usage by 6,400 gallons per day and reduced the energy requirement because the well now runs once instead of five times per day.

Propane Cylinder Collector

Representing Gallatin National Forest, Jane Ruchman, through the Sustainable Operations Subcommittee of the Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee, fostered the expansion of a unique program to safely gather and recycle used propane gas canisters commonly used in camping cookstoves and lanterns. Such canisters have been cluttering campgrounds in Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding national forests for years, but safety issues related to esidual propane in the canisters made recycling them unsafe. This program expanded the collection efforts of these cylinders throughout all the Federal agencies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Cylinders will be recycled using a machine (developed by a Yellowstone National Park partnership) that extracts the residual propane and then punctures and crushes the canister for recycling. The machine is powered by the recovered propane.

Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee
Sustainable Operations Team

The Gallatin National Forest has incorporated the implementation of Executive Order 13423 requirements into all supervisory position descriptions on the forest.

Last Modified: 03/02/2014