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Pacific Southwest Research Station

The Pacific Southwest Research Station cut its travel expenses stationwide approximately 20 percent, exceeding the agency’s goal by 11 percent.

The Riverside Forest Fire Lab purchased kill-a-watt devices allowing monitoring at individual levels through a microgrant.

The Riverside Forest Fire Lab has recently converted cleaning products, along with janitorial supplies and paper supplies, to green products for the lab.

The Pacific Southwest Research Station Sierra Nevada Research Center put in water-saving toilets and urinals during a laboratory renovation.

The Pacific Southwest Research at Albany is purchasing printer/copier paper that is 100-percent recycled content.

The Pacific Southwest Research Station’s coordinator of research planning and reporting devotes 20 percent of his time to sustainable operations. In addition, all supervisors now have sustainable operations as a performance standard in Element I of their FY 2008 Performance Plan. For the past 2 years, the unit at Albany has funded seven green microgrants across the station each year. These modest funds are awarded to stimulate grassroots sustainable efforts on the ground; Forest Service employees decide which sustainable activities are most needed at their unit and apply for funding for those activities.

In FY 2007, the Pacific Southwest Research Station headquarters began ordering recycling mailers from the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) program. RBRC provides free recycling of old rechargeable batteries from cell phones, power tools, video equipment, computers, etc. When mailers are full, they are sealed and sent back to RBRC at no cost to the station.

Last Modified: 03/02/2014