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Forest Products Laboratory

The Forest Products Lab saved approximately $45,000 ($20,000 on heating, $10,000 on supply fan power, $10,000 on exhaust energy, and $5,000 on air conditioning) by correcting ductwork and airflow deficiencies for 46 lab exhaust hoods in 4 buildings. An additional $1,800 in energy savings resulted from disconnecting an idle transformer and decommissioning an old papermaking machine.

The Forest Products Laboratory realized more than $30,000 in cost avoidance and savings by redirecting some ”clean process” water from the sanitary sewer to the storm sewer and installing waterless urinals and dual-flush toilets.

The Forest Products Laboratory has given time-off awards to staff for energy conservation measures that were suggested and implemented. These measures include the elimination of transformers no longer needed and reconfiguring how electric power and water are consumed by weatherometers (research equipment).

Last Modified: 03/02/2014