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Sustainable Operations

Sustainability Leadership
Footprint Focus Area

Forest Service leaders are international models for the best sustainable practices. Business practices and operations exceed green standards in fleet, transportation, energy, watershed, purchasing, and waste management.

In 2006, a multi-regional, management-level, interagency Board of directors was established to create a management climate that reduces barriers to sustainable operations and integrates sustainable habits into Forest Service culture. The Board includes representatives from Forest Service Regions 1,2,3, and 4, the Rocky Mountain Research Station, and the Washington Office. EPA is an active advisory member and a BLM representative was recently added.


The Board met in Yellowstone National park in July 2006 to learn about sustainable operation practices and develop an action plan. This group also developed a vision statement to help implement sustainable Operations principles at all levels of the agency. At the July meeting, the Board agreed to pursue the specific action items.

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Model sustainable practices throughout all aspects of Forest Service program management and service delivery.

Lead: WO Ecosystems Coordination

  • ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Implement EMS at all appropriate organizational levels to ensure use of EMS as the primary management approach for addressing environmental aspects of agency operations and activities (how we do everything that we do).
  • Create an informed citizenry by advancing environmental literacy.
    • Lead:  State and Private Forestry


  • Help establish place-based efforts through Green Teams in all units including the WO.
  • Recognize and support sustainable operations champions throughout the agency.
  • Support Sustainable Operations summits.
  • Continue to identify ways to institutionalize the ideas of sustainable operations throughout the agency…starting in the West and growing nationally.
  • Green Teams have been established in many places to improve sustainable operations.
  • The accountable official at the national level is: Business Operations.

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