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Extreme Makeover: Ranger District Edition

Dear Line Officers and Fellow Rangers,

There’s been a big question we’ve been kicking around the Deer River Ranger District on the Chippewa National Forest lately, how do we join the benefits provided by our land stewardship practices with reducing our resource consumption? Yeah, we want to do our part for the environment and save some money too, but where do you start? Here at the District we’ve challenged ourselves to answer this question by taking our environmental footprint seriously.

How seriously, you ask? Well, serious enough to allow a film crew and staff from the Northern and Rocky Mountain Regions to film a documentary of our progress entitled “Extreme Makeover – Ranger District Edition.” By incorporating real-world change efforts and a little bit of humor, we are hoping to encourage and motivate other Districts to consider their environmental footprint and take action to reduce it.

We feel that acting on existing opportunities that reduce a District’s environmental footprint can have a tremendous effect if replicated across the agency. And why not use Earth Day, April 22nd, to spark a conversation around opportunities specific to your District or office about reducing your own environmental footprint? That is why a DVD of our experience is being mailed to each and every District Ranger, Forest Supervisor, Regional Forester, and Washington Office program area throughout the agency. You’ll see what sort of savings we realized and how we lessened the environmental impact of our operations on the Chippewa. To get a sneak peak at these savings, visit Sustainable Operations Extreme-Makeover. I encourage all Line Officers and District Rangers to get extreme this Earth Day and share the Extreme Makeover – Ranger District Edition with your staff and community alike!

Best Regards,

Joe Alexander
District Ranger

PS.  I challenge all of my fellow Rangers to beat my savings…post your plans, pictures, stories, and savings to the Extreme Makeover page atSustainable Operations Google Share Site.

Last Modified: 04/30/2009